Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Interesting Facts about Wolves

An elongated snout, sharp teeth, thick fur, long legs, narrow chests, pliable paws and an expressive furry tail altogether make up a ‘Grey Wolf’. It is known as the largest wild member of the canine family. Designed to hunt for meat, the Grey Wolf spends most of its time roaming tirelessly in search of large prey. Let us learn some interesting facts about this distant relative of the domestic dog.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sashay my Way because Di-vine is Divine

Hello everyone! Here's my nail I had few weeks ago. I used (for the first time) Nicole by OPI Di-vine is Divine, a gorgeous wine shimmer that looks so elegant that I had to use it twice in a row.  For my accent nail I used Orly Sashay my Way, gold holo glitter that is hexagonal and bars shapes on a clear base.


What do you think? Do you like this color combination? How do you like to use gold glitter polish? Whats your favorite combination?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NAIL POLISH LIST - October 2012

This is what I got so far:
    • Claire's: 5
      1. Starstruck
      2. Chunky Purple
      3. Magic
      4. Chunky Blue 
      5. Glitter Top Coat 
      • Nicole By O.P.I.: 7
        1. Spark my Mistletoe
        2. Stuck in the chimney
        3. Kiss me at midnight
        4. Stop for Nicole
        5. Wild Blue Yonder
        6. It's Up To You
        7. Di-Vine is Divine
          • Kleancolor: 23
            1. Pink Holo
            2. Chunky Holo Bluebell
            3. Chunky Holo Purple 
            4. Aurora
            5. Twinkly Love
            6. Vegas Night
            7. Holo Chrome
            8. Pearl Silver
            9. Melon Green 
            10. Chunky Holo Black
            11. Chunky Holo Candy
            12. White
            13. Starry Blue
            14. 24 Carat
            15. Love is in the Air
            16. Metallic Aqua
            17. Mix Signal
            18. Chunky Holo Fuchsia
            19. Silver Star
            20. Blue-eye Girl
            21. It Purple
            22. V.I.P
            23. Black Out
          • Hard Candy: 2
            1. Beetle x2
            2. Fabuluxe
          • Maybelline: 3
            1. Blaze of Blue
            2. Ice Princess 
            3. Boho Gold
          • Nars: 1
            1. Super Orgasm 
          • NYC: 1
            1. Starry Silver Glitter
          • L'Oreal: 3
            1. Now You Sea Me 
            2. Silver Sparkle
            3. The Muse's Attitude
          • Love & Beauty from Forever 21: 1
            1. Teal
            • Zoya: 1
              1. Kimber
            • Indie: 4
              1. KBS Shimmer: Orange-a-peel
              2. PC: Soul's Night 
              3. Lux
              4. Lavish Liquer: Desiree 
            • Essence: 2
              1. Hello Holo 
              2. Lime Up!
            • Miss Sporty: 1
            • Flormar: 5
              1. U18
              2. 391
              3. U31
              4. U08
              5. 14
            • Farmasi: 1
              1. 031
            • Catherine Arley: 1
            • H&M: 4
              1. New Moon
              2. Je t'aime
              3. Lady Luck
              4. Deep Deep Water
            • Ginatricot Beauty Nails: 1
              1. Monaco Blue
            • Hello Kitty Sanrio: 1
            • Pumkin Glow in the Dark: 2
            • Ma.nish.ma 
              1. Pink Refrections
            • Vanique
              1. Dr. Feel Good
            • Color Club
              1. Gimme a Grape Big Kiss
            • e.l.f.: 2 
            • Arts Cosmetic:
              1.  Lazer Pink 
                  TOTAL:  300

            Sunday, November 4, 2012

            O.P.I.'s UNFOR-GRETA-BLY Blue

            Hello everyone! I hope you'r having a great weekend. O.P.I.'s UNFOR-GRETA-BLY Blue from the Germany collection is  blue with a touch of teal with a satin effect,  is beautiful! I only needed two coats and like most of the O.P.I. polishes, the formula was really good.

            Thanks for passing by and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for nail art and more. :)


            Friday, November 2, 2012

            Celebrating My B-Day

            Hello everyone! My b-day was on Oct.27 and to celebrate it I went to Horror Nights in Orlando
            from Oct 15th to the 18th with Princess Poly and friends. It was a great trip since it was the first time
            I traveled outside of the island (Puerto Rico). I was like a kid, all excited and full of energy. I took a lot
            of pics but, I will only be sharing just a few of them with you, if you liked my page on facebook you 
            might have seen this before. 

            First off, my nails:

            Here is where the fun starts...

            Oct 15: Downtown Disney
            Poly and I @ the airport, about to leave Puerto Rico.
            We had dinner that night and this is my serving of sushi,
            it has shrimp tempura + mango + coco flakes, best sushi ever!
            Disney Store @ Downtown Disney, playing with head accessories! xD
            Oct 16: Island of Adventure
            Harry Potter Attraction @ Universal's Island of Adventure  
            Hogwarts - This place was my favorite!
            Having dinner at Dave & Buster's.
            Messing around outside of Dave & Buster's with one of my best friends.
            Oct 17:  Universal Studios - Horror Nights 
            We are Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Fans... so yeah,
            we were sort of like role-playing. xD
            The Walking Dead fans know the story behind this... Poor Sophie.  :(
            Walking around we found this crazy couple and we took pics.
            I also got that HK shirt  from the store at the entrance. xD
            Horror Nights mode ON!  We all had zombie related t-shirts. :D
            There were many people dressed in scary outfits like the one behind me with the mask.
            Oct 18: Last Day @ Orlando, FL :(

            Another Disney Store, this one was at Florida Mall.
            They were really kind and there were a lot of puertorricans working there. :O

            I really had a lot of fun, I wish we could do this again as many times as we can. 

            Thanks a lot to Poly, Lorena and Oskar, I had a great time. :) Love You guys!
            I will post the presents and Part 2 (celebrating @PR) soon...
            Thanks for passing by! Dont forget to leave a comment and follow. xoxo

            Thursday, November 1, 2012

            My Halloween Nails

            Hey ! Heres my Halloween mani, super simple and easy :)

            Sinfulcolors - Clemente
            Wet n' Wild - Ebony Hates Chris
            The stones are from the dollar store 
            For the spider web I used:
             N.NAIL Water Decals Art Rock Spiderweb/Spider White- WDD004.
            This one are really easy to apply, just wet the water and apply on nail.

            I did this Mani in less than 30 mins since I was in a hurry because I had to go to work. 

            Thank for passing by!

            e.l.f. Sinister Smokey Eyes: Maleficent

            Hello guys! Few weeks ago I found this great kit from e.l.f. At first I saw it online and few days later I saw it at Walgreens for $10, I only got Maleficent one and Im hunting Evil Witch now!

            Maleficent kit has:

            • A pair of bold and dramatic eyelashes - I havent try them on yet, sadly Im unlucky with elf fake lashes glue, never works for me.
            • Eye primer - first time trying it and I love it! Great quality!
            • Day Evil: 4 soft but dramatic eyeshadows: 
              • Spindle: champage color
              • Sceptre: golden taupe with a metallic finish
              • Fog of Doom: dark violet with a strong blue tone 
              • Fauna: soft forest green with shimmer.
            • Dark fuchsia lip and cheek color pencil 
            • Night Villian - this is why I took this set, 4 dramatic colors for a bold look:
              • Misfortune: silver
              • Forest of Thorns: charcoal grey with silver glitter
              • Deep Sleep: plum purple with soft shimmer
              • Diablo: dark purple (beautiful) with plum tiny glitters
            •  Glitter (glitter!!!) eyeliner 
            •  Dark red lip and cheek color pencil. 
            • Instructions of application, really easy to follow.

            Will try this one next time I go out during night.

            The look: 
            I created Day Evil following their step and using the products that comes with it.


            I really like it because is soft, romantic, smokey and sexy at the same time. I used this to go shopping and it lasted all day.  Im really impress with e.l.f products so cheap and are really good. I really like this brand :) 

            Others products I uded:
            Avon Glamwear liquid lip color Dazzlers (pink with shimmer and glitter)
            Victoria Secrets Luminous Cheeks and face highlighter Striking (I love this product, is a must have)

            I will post about my birthday soon this week, stay tune :) Thanks for reading!