Saturday, January 5, 2013

Base Building in Afghanistan? The National Interest

According to Turse, government documents released in August show that in addition, FOB Shank "will be adding a new two-story barracks, constructed of containerized housing units known as 'relocatable buildings' or RLBs, to accommodate 1,100 more troops. Support facilities, access roads, parking areas, new utilities, and other infrastructure required to sustain the housing complex will also be installed for an estimated $5 million to $10 million….New aircraft maintenance facilities and 80,000 square feet more of taxiways will also be built at the cost of another $10 million to $25 million."

Coalition Forces Fend Off Enemy Attack in Afghanistan

This edition features stories on a change of command ceremony, Camp Cunningham personnel working with Afghans to create relocatable buildings for better living conditions, Work Horse Platoon conducting humanitarian aid missions, and daily patrols at border points. Hosted by Tech. Sgt. Deb Decker.