Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bonami display mannequins

I was invited yesterday to the showroom of this display mannequins business in Aalter Belgium. I have known of their work and their exquisite designs of (window-dressing) modeling 'dolls' already years ago, but I never imagined such an alien worlds aesthetically exquisite impact this venue would have upon me. In less than an hour I must have shot almost 200 frames and still couldn't stop. It was rather warm and humid during the whole day and my carrying of several kgs of photo-shooting gear made me feel sweaty and miserable. Nevertheless I continued the shoot. The Bonamis have their showroom extend over two floors (ground and first), and have created some interesting spaces in a building that used to be a gym before they acquired it in their business. Space lighting would only turn on when they sensed your movement, which is kind of nice and 'green', as it saves energy for them and the rest of us.