Friday, June 9, 2017


Better known as Lentigines, liver spots, sun spots and blemishes of old is the formation of abnormal color of the flat, Brown or yellow skin. Sun damage melanocytes, which produce the skin color. This causes irregular pigment formation in the damaged area. Irregular stains can also be caused by blood pigment because of bruises. As a change in the chemical processes in the body, this can expose too many liver toxins. Liver spots begin to appear. Short stock diet antioxidants can also contribute to the emergence of these spots. 

Ephelides is on individuals with lighter skin shade that is flammable. While the lentigines develop melanin accumulates in the skin due to the epidermis of the skin. These spots usually occur in people in the age group of 40 or higher. The show stain on hand shoulder, but also occur in other parts of the body, especially in sun-exposed areas, such as the back, arms, legs and face.

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